Japanese Culture Links

Japanese Culture


-- Tofugu really is one of my favorite sites that I check almost daily! Articles range from tips on how to learn Japanese to weird Japanese news.  Most articles posted are not your typical stories and the best part is Koichi, the site's creator, is just an quick email away to answer any questions you might have.  Last year I had a project in my business communications class and Koichi was kind enough to let me interview him.


-- DannyChoo is like famous in the Japanese Culture blog-o-sphere. The son of famed shoe designer Jimmy Choo, Danny Choo's site is like eye candy to anyone interested in Japan.  There are so many useful articles on his site as well.  Having taught Japanese to himself over the years he is full of useful information about tackling the language.


Travel Asia with CNN

-- I love this site because it keeps you up to date on the hottest trends and places in Tokyo.  Though the site also highlights other major cities in Asia you can also find out whats hot these days and where everyone is going in Tokyo.


-- Think of E! Entertainment except the Japanese version.  If someone is dropping a new cd, or a boy band member is getting married this is the site that will tell you about it.

Tokyo Fashion

-- This site's name speaks for itself. The latest and greatest trends in Tokyo Fashion.

 Japan Cinema 

-- If you're thinking of watching a film that made in Japan, set in Japan, or has anything remotely to do with Japan, this site will have a review on it.  They also review anime films, and series, highlight different cosplayers, and interview different Japanese artists.  An interesting site on Japanese art & Cinema.