Monday, May 28, 2012

Fashion King :: LAMEE

Fashion King concluded earlier this week and for those who stuck it out - most were left super disappointed. Personally, I didn't make it to the final episode. I got fed up with Lee Ga Young's weird personality and never ending "walk-all-over-me" tears and stopped watching about episode 11.

Fashion King was billed as a "romantic comedy" yet the entire time I watched that series I never laughed nor fell in love. Instead what I got was weird outfits, angry lovers, and mean ass glares. Did anyone actually enjoy this drama?


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stolen Goodz :: SHINee vs Havana Brown

So I'm not exactly the expert when it comes to kpop but when I heard this song by Havana Brown I instantly thought geez - this sounds a lot like SHINee's Lucifer..

so I had to share..

Havana Brown's We Run the Night 

SHINee's Lucifer [note: the beat I'm referring to starts about 00:22]

what do you think? fact or fiction?