Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bundle Post :: Amazon, Katakana, JapanSoc

I finally ordered the Otaku Encylopedia! I can't till it comes... I actually ordered it with a few differents animes. I really want the Nana anime but its so expensive... like $50, and thats just for one season.. so I'll have to wait it out I guess.. booo (I'd rather spend the same amount and get more than just the one)

I have been slacking on my Katakana this week.. ::sadface:: I just need to better manage my time which I'm guessing means getting up earlier... so hopefully by the end of this week I can figure out a better routine.. (this katakana chart might look a little childish but its actually really helpful to study from)

Lastly.. I am a huge fan of Japansoc. Its a book marking site for all things Japanese and its one of those websites that is on my "daily reads"... well each month they have a blog carnival called Matsuri.. and I talked to Nick (the site's owner) and I will host it on here in January!!! I am so excited since I love the site and like usually bookmark something every other day...


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the Japansoc site. I will check it out. :-) The katakana chart is cute. :^-)

  2. cool blog ^^ and the katakana chart is pretty ^^

  3. ur a bigger geek than me

    where in california do u live?

  4. cute chart, and I will definitely have to check out that site! :3

  5. Thanks! That katakana chart has been working wonders for me...!

    Ken :: yeah I'm like super geek.. I grew up in Riverside, CA (till after high school) but currently live in GA