Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Generation

This post is not necessarily “Japanese” but I really like this group.  In August they are supposed to be starting to promote their music in Japan (they’re a South Korean group) so it should be interesting to see if they will be well received.

 Girls Generation <--- their website

I am definately a fan tho!  Each are so cute and pretty its hard not to like them.

In August they will make their debut at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum, so we shall see if Japan feels the same way. 


I saw this awhile back when I was looking up different things about Bento and it just struck me as genius. I mean while having a "cute" lunch is pretty cool this is soooo practical!!! This for sure is going to be the first item of my Bento collection.

Banana Protector. Simply Amazing.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shibuya109: Layout

So I was surfing the web for random stuff and I came across this find, the complete layout of Shibuya109. I mean I was sooo happy when I found this.

 the very very perfect guide of Shibuya109


Loaded with pictures and descriptions I found myself in shoppers’ heaven from the comfort of my own home…


the very very perfect guide of Shibuya109

They even show you where all the toilets are and what they look like!

so check it out… there is lots more to see!

the very very perfect guide of Shibuya109

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smart.Fm Update


Almost there…99%.  I haven’t done it everyday though.  I get burnt out easily and use other methods….and I definately do not want to lose my motivation..


After all.. the turtle does win the race in the end of that story….

World Cup: Japan

Since the United States lost yesterday I am now left cheering for my alternates: England, Portugal and Japan.

England has always been a favorite of mine for a long time with players such as Beckham, Owens, David James, Gerard, Ferdinand, and Rooney though most are gone from the international level I will always have love for them.


My other team Portugal just has one player that I think almost every girl can agree to secretly love: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Enough said right?

Anyways since Japan is still going strong I thought I would highlight their star players, since I do not know much about their team, and I feel like a guber cheering for a team I know nothing about.
In fact the only Asian soccer player I really know anything about is Sun Wen and she's Chinese. I know this is a drifting away from my topic but I just have to share this video that they were playing during the time of the Women's World Cup.

She's pretty insane.

SOOOOO back to the original reason for this post... Japan's Key Players (well according me)

::::Keisuke Honda #18::::
He has been thier top goal scorer, in fact when Japan played Denmark, Keisuke was named Man of the Match. He's a midfielder and while relatively young, seems to be a big part of the Japan's strikeforce. So he's definately one to keep your eye on..(he's a lefty too!)

::::Shunsuke NAKAMURA #10::::
Nakamura is supposed to be the backbone of Japan's team having played in a previous World Cup however has only made one appearance in this one. I'm not sure why however he is not one to forget about.

::::Yuji NAKAZAWA #22::::

The captian of the team, Nakazawa is a strong defender who has played at the national level for some time now. He's played in all the World Cup Matches for Japan and is the core of Japan's defense.

So when watching the games be sure and watch out for these 3 players as they are sure to be essential players for Japan to win! GO JAPAN!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Traditional Sake for Trendy Girls


Apparently not a lot of young women in Japan drink much sake…Takahashi Shyzou hopes to change this…

with this …

Battle Royale


so this is a totally gnarly horror film from Japan that i have been wanting to watch for some time now.  its not distributed in the US which makes it a bit tricky to get a hold of but thanks to a friend in the UK I will be able to watch soon!

here’s the trailer for it

**Random Fact: This film is listed by Quentin Tarantino as one of his favorites!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treat Time!

So this month I was blessed and had a little bit of extra money to play around with… sooooo like any other girl there was two items i have been eyeing for some time and nowwwww

i can purchase them!

the first one is this like amazing mascara, and makes you have super long lashes! since i am no good with false lashes i am curious to see how well this mascara will work and my currently fav (Dior) is just WAY too expensive…in a few days i will be able to let you know myself!


Majolica Majorca!  (soon to be mine!)

the second item is this eyeliner i have been reading about on a few blogs… i currently use this insane liquid liner by MAC because heaven forbid anyone see me without my liner.. lol

this liner is supposed to be super long lasting – so we shall see!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Sheets


So after I got rejected from Smart.Fm the other day I was in need of some more motivation… soooo I searched for Videos! Originally I was looking for something like Bizarre Foods.. instead what I found was THREE SHEETS!

Basically this guy Zane? has a show were he travels to different places each episode and talks about their alcohol and other adult beverages.  Seems like every college boy’s dream job and how this guy snagged the job I have no clue!  Its great though, and after watching the one where he visits Japan I ended up watching a few more.

Not your average travel show, but thats a good thing.

Friday, June 18, 2010


So I decided to be productive and do some studying.. and then!...once I got on a roll i see this...

da dum dummmmmm!!

Apparently you can only be studious in a given amount of time...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Hour Japan

::::Okay so trying to figure out a  good font to use that isn't too hard to read.  We shall see how this works out::::


Soooo.. on my path to learn Japanese i have been listening to a few different podcasts – one of my favorite is Happy Hour JapanI have yet to watch all their videos but most their videos are bout 10 minutes long and offer a great range of insight into life in Japan.  While this is not straight “lets learn Japanese” it provides good background and motivation that helps keep me interested in Japanese and Japanese Culture.



Check them out =) I’m sure you’ll love them!

Windows Live Writer




This is my first time using Windows live writer.  So basically I am just seeing what all it is capable of.  Who knew writing a blog had so many different options and facets!

didnt kno i could add maps... pretty nifty

Map picture

London, FYI. lol


So today I am having one of those cathartic days in which I am feeling to need to clean and organize everything around me.  From my place at work, to emails, and even just simply my day to day things.  Having started back going to school, I have realized that no matter what it takes, I will be successful.  ONE key to success (per my Business Communication Class) is better writing skills.  Therefore with that said I am goin to be more dedicated to uploading posts on here and relaying my progress on my Japanese.  Therefore today is a Genesis, a new beginnning.  First though. I must get organized....

to be continued....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So in the past couple of days I have started school (a few summer courses, yay!) and have created a Twitter account.  In this madness of trying to learn Japanese I thought Twitter would be a fun to help keep Japanese learning real.  Obviously I can read much of the Japanese that is being written but following some other trusty blogger's advice (Tofugu mainly) I have started my Twitter journey as well.

Geez I've started several journeys on this blog.. my poor feet! My twitter is:: Sweetdelightss

Saturday, June 5, 2010

goal number 3298471329480129843, Japanese

So I have decided to note my journey of learning Japanese on here... I know if I keep it to myself I'll be lazy and slack off and learning Japanese will be another 3874324 thing that I have just attempted and forgot about... NO MAS! Soooo...

Yay, Tofugu.