Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay! It came!!!

I had ordered one of my FAVORITE anime series via Amazon. And OMG it was delivered today! Its sorta crazy that it came already since I just ordered it but I am way excited to watch it. Basically Paradise Kiss is like The Hills/The City but anime version. Very cool and I would definately recommend it for newbies in anime who love fashion, drama, and FASHION!


I mean how can you not just LOVE it?! Like the art and color are simply awesome. Basically its about this girl, Caroline, who leads a mundane life yet gets the opportunity to model for some fellow classmates clothing line, Paradise Kiss.

A must watch. =]


  1. one of my all time favorite animes. You must watch nana (same mangaka of paradise kiss)!

  2. Yes!!! I love Nana =) & Peach Girl!!