Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I saw this awhile back when I was looking up different things about Bento and it just struck me as genius. I mean while having a "cute" lunch is pretty cool this is soooo practical!!! This for sure is going to be the first item of my Bento collection.

Banana Protector. Simply Amazing.


  1. That is the cutest banana protector!^^

  2. hahahaa that is ingenius! My bananas always gets squished in my bag :( Hello kitty seems to always be printed onto the most useful unecessary products ><

    cute blog by the way :)

  3. lol... i can't imagine where we would be without that little kitty!

    thanks for the comments!

  4. This is so useful! I love bento boxes, but I wish they made them a little bigger! Most of the cute ones I come across are portioned for a 5 year old's appetite! lol

  5. This is soooo cute! Haha I love Japan's crazy ideas! Love your blog btw :) Xx