Saturday, February 11, 2012

SASA :: Eyeliner Help

Today I was searching for some skin care products (because a girl can never have enough) and while I was on SASA's website I came across a video they had for "Tips on Eyeliner." I use eyeliner just about everyday so I'm always a sucker for these videos so I watched it and thought it had some cool tips so I wanted to share.

Video Thoughts
- I've tried the Dollywink Liner and honestly wasn't that impressed. I don't know if it was my skin type or what, but I thought it wasn't very long lasting and the color was kind of dull (Black).

- After watching this it made me want to try the Jealousness Waterproof Liner but I have never heard anything about this liner before.

- Is it just me or is she putting her liner on really thick?



  1. whoah thanks for the share. the music in the vid made me want to drink wine and watch it at the same time haha
    in my opinion, i don't think she's wearing too much eyeliner.  compared to Korean girls that is hehe i swear korean singers go crazy with eyeliner

  2. lol... Maybe since the video was just so close it looked kinda crazy to me but I'm seriously the last person to talk about too much eyeliner!

  3. ahh that's true. I put on more than that but from faraway it still looks like not enough wtf