Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jealous Much? Anime Expo Envy!

 With everyone's long weekend finally wrapped up more and more pictures are being posted from Anime Expo in LA... and I'm so jealous! Looking online from various blogs and websites it looks like everyone had a great time and I'm jealous!!...

from FastMatt's Youtube

These cosplays are pretty amazing right? It wasn't till a few years ago that I actually began to appreciate those people who cosplayed.  Up until then I thought of it as basically dress up -- but as you can see its far from it.  Most cosplayers spend hours upon hours perfecting their art and it shows. Wish I was that creative!

For more Anime Expo pictures check out Ken's page!


  1. i have cosplay photos at my site =D

  2. I've been to an anime con once a few years ago. It was really fun looking at everyone's costumes. I don't know if I would personally cosplay myself though hehe :P