Monday, September 6, 2010

ドラマ Dorama!

Naughty Kiss a new JDrama which premiered 9/1
So lately I have been wanting to watch some Japanese television dramas' but haven't really a clue where to start, so I did a little research to see what I was in for.

So here is the low down...
  • Dorama = Drama
  • Japan has four television seasons in which new shows will premiere in: Winter (January–March), Spring (April–June), Summer (July–September), and Autumn or Fall (October–December)
  • Evening dramas, typically are like 12 episodes long with a normal season finale type episode (similar to here in the States)
  • Dramas are often filmed only a few weeks before they actually air... which I always wonder why they don't do that here...
  • The starting time is not always on the hour or half hour.  Because ratings are so important in Japan they normally start a few minutes before or after the hour.  The thinking on this is that once one show ends the viewer will prob be more likely to watch the next show on since they already missed a few minutes of other shows on a different channel... so clever!!!

So now that we got the basics... where do people watch these? 
  • CrunchRoll -- downside you gotta pay
  • Your local Japanese video store -- funny right? I'm sure these exist though, sadly not really helpful for me
  • Mysoju -- this site looks reputable but I really have no clue.. thought I would give it a try
  • and I'm sure Youtube if you are willing watch it in annoying under 15 min sections..
Yay! So we are set up to watch some Japanese Doramas! Now we just gotta find some good ones... looking online I think I might try watching My Boss, My Hero [マイボスマイヒロ] or Hana Yori Dango [花より男子])

What do you think? Good starters? Any recommendations??


  1. I love japans dramas!! In my first year of university my friends came round to watch my boss, my hero, every episode!! and ofcourse hana yori dango is really famous!! That was a good series too. Infact my best memories include dramas alot!! Like watching Koukyou Kyoushi the original series with my school friends, or forcing my grandma to watch Nodame Cantabile! because she only wants to watch jidaigeki dramas.

    Recently, Im watching Abarenbo mama ♥

  2. Uhm. Recommendation for J-dorama?

    It is actually based on your interest.

    J-dorama have many variety of themes they trying to convey..

    If you want to watch sad & human drama, I recommend 1 Liter of Tears..

    As for school-life drama, I just recently watch Samurai High School.. Nobuta wo Produce is good school drama too..

    Uh.. My Boss, My Hero is a must-watch too~! Seen it & lovin' it!

    Anyway, right now, I am currently watching Unubore Deka.. XD

    Uhm.. another place for watching dorama is at..

    This website also have their Top Show list, which I will basically recommend you to watch all the dorama based on that list~ : p

    Enjoy your dorama ne~! ( ^ w ^ )//

  3. My Boss My Hero is amazing! But my favourite dorama is Yaoh, which is set in a host club. :)

  4. Naughty Kiss is a korean drama, can't wait till the english subs come out! Dyinngggg to watch it but I must wait for more episodes because I hate waiting a whole wk for the next! :T Have you seen the taiwanese version before? It Started with A Kiss; so goooodddd!