Thursday, September 16, 2010

Model/Hostess :: Satomi Yakuwa

So I have several websites that I normally check out to get my daily Japan fix... one of them is CNNgo... I think its a branch of CNN which focuses on the hot spots of Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Mumbai and Tokyo)

One of the features today was about Satomi Yakuwa... who you might ask? Actually Satomi has quite a following according to the article and is not only a senzoku (only models for ONE magazine in particular) but also a working Hostess too!


Busy girl right? Check out the article and find out more about Miss Satomi and her busy careers!


  1. wow, those are some huge circle lenses! xD

  2. Wow, I think now the long held question of why Tsubasa doesn't make as much as she should(she lives in a tiny as apartment!) has been explained by ur post. The girl above has to do everything herself & still hold 2 jobs =o= . It is less glamorous but makes japan models so much more modest =)