Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Award

I'm so bad at these...

I have only gotten a tiny few but I always feel like such a guber when I do... mainly cuz I'm thinking they surely must have ran out of people to give it to and felt sorry for me.. LOL so much for confidence right?

well the very cool Maggie Y awarded me with one so I thought I would pay homage and pay it forward!

First... I must again thank Maggie Y for giving this award to me... My blog is a bit all over the place and times and often I have a hard time staying in my niche but thanks to all my readers who read it anyways!

Two... I must share 7 things about myself

           * I love buying false lashes, but rarely wear them =\
           * I'm afraid of the ocean
           * I eat my pancakes plain with no butter or syrup
           * My favorite thing in my closet :: Burberry Trench Coat
           * I've worn it twice
           * I want to learn how to fly a plane one day
           * I dye my already dark hair black.

Three... I must pass it on to 7 newly discovered blogs that I love


  1. Omg! I dye my already black hair black too :D Well, I do it cuz my hair turns light brown(maybe from the sun) so I dye it black. Especially when its during the fall/winter. Haha.

  2. Congrats! Haha I can relate to #1 - the only time I wear them is on special occasions, and that's like once in a blue moon. And you are a lucky girl! If I had a Burberry trench I would be wearing it all year round lol

  3. Congrats, and I like your answers. Why are you afraid of the ocean? You mean just going to the beach, or just going on a boat into the ocean? I think you should wear those lashes you buy :-)

  4. your blog page is so cute!!! congrats on your award.. ohh i would absolutely love to own a burberry trench!

    new follower here! please come visit and follow me :)

  5. oh just wanted to let you know i'm hosting a gold birdcage bangle giveaway! please come and check it out :)