Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Kawaii IPhone Apps

Awhile back I did a post on my favorite Kawaii IPhone applications... so when I was looking through my IPhone the other day I thought I would share some more of my favorites which I'm sure you'll love too!! 

Megu is actually really fun... Usually I get annoyed at games which require a lot of attention over a long amount of time but this one is so fun! Though you don't really do much other than feed and walk your Megu but you can't help but like this game because that little creature is so dang cute! Its funny because he gets angry at you or if you ignore him for long time he'll get little flies above his head which means you need to bath him... anyways its FREE so I would check it out..

this app is really more of a comic... if your interested in Japan and don't know too much about Japan then this is the app for you! Written by Aimee Steinberger this comic makes her adventures in Japan not only entertaining but actually educational in a way... I really enjoyed it and there is quite a bit of content to make it worth the $1.99 price tag..

This app is just kind of silly but still sort of fun to have... basically you pick the hairstyle you like and then can take a picture with that hairstyle... Sometime its a bit hard to frame your face in the hairstyle but since this app is free you really can't complain..

Anyways those are my current favorites! feel free to check them out and let me know what you think or let me know what your favorites are!... 
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  1. AHHHH I'm going to check these out now that I have an iPhone teehehee :D thanks <3

  2. I love your blog, its so pretty and cute! These look like so much fun! I shall definately be trying out that hair one as soon as I jump off the computer :)
    I'm your newest follower and I shall look forward to your posts!! :)
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  4. wow cool apps! too bad i have android instead of iphone... hopefully I can find similar on my phone.

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    <3, Mishi