Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Cravings

I thought I would share my top cravings I am currently having.  I still have about two more months until my due date (May 28th) but I feel like I'm ready NOW! lol. I'm hot all the time & freeze my husband out at night, I'm using the restroom like every 8 minutes, and by the time I've gotten ready (hair, makeup, etc) I'm exhausted and just want to lay down. I YI YI

1. Glade :: weird right? I am totally obsessing over the Clean Linen scent in every Glade Product.  When I'm out and about I cannot wait to get home to my room and smell the clean freshness! I have two Glade Plug-ins, the Air Freshner, Glade Fabric & Air, Sense & Spray Automatic, Glade Carpet and Room, and I have tried the oil plug in as well but it smelled weird.

I know. This is bad right? I don't use them all at once but I just love the fresh smell!!!

2. Sunflower Seeds :: this might be a slow moment for me but I had no clue that you could buy the seeds already shelled?! I've ate way too many of these to admit =(

3. Cleaning :: another kind of off the wall craving...but it's just like I can't stand our room & bathroom to be dirty in the slightest!  I just want everything clean clean. I'm telling you I really hope some of these habits stick cause I am seriously so clean. The vacuuming, dusting, clean mirrors, fresh toilet, bleached shower EVERYTHING CLEAN!

Soooo not so many traditional cravings but those are the things that have been taking over my life lately...

So now that I have convinced everyone that I am clearly in need of help, I'll end this post. =P

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  1. Interesting to learn what your cravings are. Especially since Sakie and I don't have kids so we've never been through that. Good luck, and I hope the next couple months go smoothly :-)