Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 6: Person You'd Trade Places With

Day 6: Picture of a person you'd trade clothes with

Okay so I tweaked this one a little bit since I'm happy with my life but there are so many people who'd I love to steal their clothes!!

The Fancy Teacup
The Fancy Teacup

Jaime is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  Her site is really cute and elegant much like her sense of style.  I love almost every outfit she puts together and her shoe collection is to die for!! (so many Jeffrey Campbell shoes!!! so jealous!!) This is the type of wardrobe I want to have. Perfect whether you are going shopping with girlfriends or looking sharp for a business meeting.  Jaime's style is flawless! You should definitely check out her site, its not to be missed!!

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