Friday, September 23, 2011

Hottest Apps from Around the World

Have you ever wondered what the top selling/hottest apps are in another country other than your own? You could always change you country in the App Store but that can be somewhat frustrating and hard to navigate if you don't know the language...not to worry! I have found a solution for you!

I just recently discovered AppAnnie and I can't get enough! Once you're at their homepage simply click on the "Store Stats" button on the menu bar, which will then lead you a grid of the top paying, top free, and top grossing apps.

Everything on the grid is pretty easy to read. It gives the app's rank, whether or not its a paid app or not (denoted by the $) and whether or not the app has risen or fallen in ranking.  Now the fun part....picking a country!
Don't see the country you're looking for? Just click "more stores!"
If there's an App store... AppAnnie has it
Using this site I have found some pretty cool photo apps from South Korea.. So go explore what's hot from all over the world! I found this site helpful and hopefully you can too.

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