Tuesday, September 6, 2011


When it comes to watching movies, me and my husband mostly watch whatever is on Netflix.  Its actually my brother's account but since we have a Wii we use his watch instantly account.  There's not always the greatest selection on there so often times I find myself watching things I wouldn't normally pick up at the rental store.

So the other day I saw Playful Kiss as recommend for me, so I decided to watch. (The sorta ironic thing about it was, almost a year ago when I did a post on Dorama, I actually used to Playful Kiss banner in my post!)

The first several minutes of the show was super corny in my opinion, and I wasn't sure if I was into watching a show where I had to keep reading subtitles.  Regardless I stuck it out through the first episode and by the end of that first show I was hooked!  The colors where really bright and the storyline was fun and in the end it was a good find.

I'll probably still do a post reviewing the actually the show but I just wanted to take a moment to share what a good find this was.  I have now watched several other Korean dramas and I must say that I am officially a fan.  Its interesting to see television from another country but I think any girl or even guy can appreciate a good show with good/attractive actors & actresses no matter where its from.

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  1. I love K dramas and J dramas come to that. They are just so different to British TV :)