Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Finished Watching :: Protect the Boss

So I just finished watching the KDrama Protect the Boss.  It was a cute little drama but definitely not a game changer...

Basically this drama is about No Eun Sol, who slacked off during high school and can't find a job as an adult because she has no desirable skills, and Cha Ji Heon the wealthy son of a successful corporation who can't manage to get his life together.  As luck would have it No Eun Sol winds up becoming Cha Ji Heon's secretary and so the rom/com plot is established...

This drama only recently finished airing and is currently pretty popular on Viki which is the main reason I picked it.  While it does has a cute storyline, the overall plot in my opinion gets rather weak about 7 episodes in and so you soon forget why you're watching it.  Don't get me wrong each episode has some enjoyment and helps advance the storyline but at the end of each episode you're not left with the immediate urge to watch the next episode.

This drama does have several good things about it though!

1. Kim [Hero] JaeJoong :: one of the member of the group JYJ, Hero plays Cha Ji Heon's rival in the workplace and for No Eun Sol's heart.  Even if you weren't a fan of JYJ before, Hero definitely makes you want to check out their music.  He plays his character well, and is definitely likeable - not to mention easy on the eyes!  Knowing he's in every episode does help you keep watching.

2. Wang Ji Hye :: I love this girl. She is so pretty to me, and plays her characters sooo well.  If anyone has seen Personal Taste, I don't think there is anyway you can come out of that drama not seriously hating her. Luckily, the character she plays in Protect the Boss isn't as cut throat and you actually begin to not only like her, but also totally see her as a friend!

3. President Cha & Myung-Ran  :: These characters totally saved the drama for me.  President Cha is such a lovable dad figure whose love for his problematic son is funny yet sincere.  Myung-Ran is the perfect BFF who has No Eun Sol's back all the time.  Both these characters add humor and make the drama feel more real.

Overall I think if you like KDrama you should give this one a shot. I don't think you'll lose any sleep over it, but it was nice love story that doesn't get too messy.


  1. Awe thanks! Your super sweet... I'll def check your blog out

  2. Ohh this looks interesting! I haven't seen a k-drama for so long. I might just check this out :)

  3. It makes me happy to know I have an internet friend who loves K-Drama.

    I feel like my social circles are just that much more complete now

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