Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twelve by 12

I saw this on Sari Mari's blog who saw it on Lacosta's blog, and now you're going to see it on my blog as well. Basically you just pick twelve things that you are going to accomplish before 2012, and simply mark them off when you do them. Easy right? 

  1. BLOG GIVEAWAY!! [been wanting to do this for awhile now just haven't physically sat down and done it]
  2. Christmas Cards :: I always say I will do them but never end up doing them...!
  3. Get my hair dyed & conditioned :: haven't been to the salon in AGES
  4. 12 more blog posts
  5. No soda
  6. Get my car windows tinted
  7. Organize makeup
  8. Decide if I want to move my family or not
  9. Organize my husband's Commissioning Party
  10. Make something new for dinner
  11. Connect with more people :: via twitter or blogs
  12. Watch a Christmas movie with my boys =]
There are mine! What twelve things do you want to have done by 2012?


  1. I love how most of your goals are simple but effective. I think this way it's easier to really get them done =D Good luck with your goals! ^_~ 

  2. It was actually really hard for me to come up with 12. lol

  3. I dunno if I could come up with 12 but a few of mine are

    1) Restart Japanese
    2) Blog post every week
    3) Finish book on Shinto
    4) Write up more anime reccomendations
    5) Finish FMA:Brotherhood