Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Waiting :: BIGBANG World Tour

Sorry for the lack of posts still...I'm kinda still in a funk but trying to work myself out of it..

I swear the more and more I listen to Alive the more frustrated and antsy I get about the LACK OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORLD TOUR. Like geez... you've teased all of us long enough! Announce the cities and dates already [as if they need the publicity]!! 
 (btw my favorite songs on Alive are "Blue" & "Ain't No Fun")

Well while I was scouring the web trying to appease my need for BIGBANG I decided to check out the entries for their cover contest & omgeeeez. Some of these contestants got skillz! 

Here are my top three (these people are sooo good, I just had to share!)


This girl is just sooo cute! How can you watch this video and not love her version?! The best part? THE UKULELE!! If it was just up to the boys I think her winning would be a sure thing.

Another English version...yet what makes it so good is that its believable. I can't tell you how many "translated" videos I've watched that just come off straight corny and/or hilarious. Terry He's version is legit in the fact that I still feel that emotional connection to the song just like when I listen to BIGBANG's version.

OfficialDmeanor님의 채널

remixeeeeeee.. I love this version because it slows it down and really emphasizes the emotions behind the lyrics. Slow'n steady. Its definitely a jam. My one grip would be that I wished he would changed it up a bit more. Take Lil Wayne for example, he always grabs tracks from other artists and basically OWNS THEM. I would have liked to see D.Meanor do just that. Just tear this track up!! He comes close to doing but falls short. Definitely like his vibe though.

Like I said befre, there is a bunch of extremely talented people in this contest so it'll be interesting to see who wins the grand prize. So until we get some more information about the world tour I would suggest you check this competition out, you might find a few YouTubers worth subscribing to. 


btw I just wanted to leave you with one example of Lil Wayne tearing up a track...this is a song by the artist Miguel called "Sure Thing"... its a nice song. Actually it was one I really loved....take a listen. 

then Lil Wayne had to go and be a show off...totally OWNING the original version...

thats the jam right??? Thats what I was hoping D.Meanor would have done with the "Blue" track. Just devour it. He's got potential, he's just got to take it to another level...

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  1. I know how you feel :/ I am constantly looking for news about the world tour. And like you said, listening to Alive makes me even more antsy as well! But I don't think the tour won't be till the end of summer because their last concert in Japan will be at the end of June. So you can kind of figure it out the dates with that at least, kind -__- lol so lame. I really just want the cities, I need to know if they are coming to LA lol. Dates would be nice too but since there is already a guesstimation cities are vital.

    Btw I liked OfficialDmeanor's cover it was so nice and chill. Just wish he wouldn't have that long intro lol.