Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update ::: Personal

The past month and a half have been such downers! .. but I'm glad I'm finally getting my head into a more positive place and am excited to see all the changes that will be happening in my life in the next couple of months..


I finally completed and turned in all the paper work for me to go back to school! I'm really excited and have never wanted something so bad.  The time you spend in college/university & the things you experience is different for everyone, and while I'll admit that I've had some great memories & experiences (as well as taken A LOT of time off to get married & have babies!) - I've wasted enough time. Its time to buckle down and get my degree...

btw I changed my major from Economics to Mass Communications. I'm excited to take classes in my new major but also seriously bummed I suffered through college level Calculus for nothing >_<


The podcast I host over at JapanCinema is doing great!! We've already recorded three episodes and are getting great feedback. This past episode we had our first guest, Rekstizzy (he's a rapper from NY and runs the site and he completely shook things up! He's loud and super opinionated but you can't help but love him & giggle at all these crazy things that come out of his mouth...seriously recording that last episode was crazzzy.


I love my blog so much! I can't help but feel it needs a bit of revamping/makeover though so be on the lookout for random changes or a complete over haul. Since I haven't been blogging much this past month or so I have a lot to share! Here are a few posts I have in mind
  • Just Finished Watching :: Shut Up Flower Boy Band
  • Currently Watching :: EVERYTHING! lol [Fashion King, Rooftop Prince, & hopefully Love Rain]
  • My Glam Bag vs Birch Box
  • Kawaii Apps
  • ..and more fashion posts here's to making the rest of the month count!



  1. Congrats on you going back to school :D 
    Tell us how it goes once you start taking classes :]
    BLEH calculus D: I am so sorry T-T 
    Looking forward to your new posts :3

  2.  Thanks Yuri!! I'm ready to get back studying & kicking butt!