Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm alive.. barely

I've already started back at school and wow, was that a rude awakening.  Even though I'm not taking any really hard classes this past week I severely failed at managing my time. I seriously just finished my last assignment for my Computer Class that is due later tonight and already I'm somewhat dreading Monday when it starts all over again!

Luckily I think I can schedule my time a bit better this next week so I was be as stressed or as pressed for time.

In case you're curious the classes I'm taking are::
  • Elementary Spanish [my husband finds this hysterical because my Spanish is horrible]
  • Computer 101 - basically its an introduction to computers...this is an online course that should be a breeze but I don't have Microsoft 2010 - I have 2011, so everything is off and different! such a pain!
  • Wellness - one night a week class....pretty straight forward. I like it
  • World Literature - I have this really loud & animated teacher which would probably annoy me any other time but its an 8 am class so I appreciate her personality
Not too bad right? I have about 6 more classes to take after this quarter and then I'll have my AA. I would have liked to just continue going to the University I was at but since I was really unsure where we would be living next year [my husband is in the military] I didn't want to take more credits that would have been lost during another transfer. Thus I just decided to get an AA for now.

As always though I am still watching kdramas when I have time and still do love blogging. I just need to get a better hold on my schedule to allow myself time to blog.

Happy Easter!!



  1. Good luck with all your classes!
    And I'm also very bad at scheduling my time!
    I always procrastinate!! -_____-

  2. Good luck girl, my fingers are crossed for you~
    Btw Happy Easter to you too~~~ 

    and you've been officially tagged now~

    Look here for more info 

    i would appreciate it a lot of you take part in this game/meme.

    And i missed your posts~


  3. The life of a college student, it's pretty normal for everyone to not manage their time wisely. Procrastination is our enemy ;A; I am happy you are doing good though! Hope everything goes well. College students must stick together T^T haha. Oh, and my Spanish isn't too good either so don't worry about it.

  4. I know exactly what you mean!!! You always think you have more time than you really do.. when will we learn?? lol

  5.  Awee thanks Eliva!! I'll be sure and check it out and get it posted!

  6. My school is even on the quarter system so I really shouldn't complain. I just need to tough it out till the end of next month... seems sooooo like forever. lol.