Monday, November 28, 2011

Flutterscape Contest! Please Vote!!

Right now Flutterscape is holding a photo contest and I am asking for your help and voting for my coat!!

I just posted this super cute jacket from Spinns and would appreciate it if you would vote for it!

All you have to do is :::click right here::: and simply click the heart that says "I want this!"

Easy right? Thank you so much!!!


You might be asking, what is Flutterscape? Flutterscape basically helps people living in Japan connect with those who are wanting certain goods only found in Japan. Neat right?

If you live in Japan then this is what your Flutterscape experience is like...
If you don't live in Japan then this is what your Flutterscape experience is like...

Its a site worth checking out...

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

K Pop Masters - Where's the Media Coverage?

This past weekend KPOP Masters Concert was held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.  While still relatively new to the KPOP scene, this concert seemed like pretty big news with acts like KARA, 4 Minute, Brown Eye Girls, Beast, SISTAR and others performing. Despite these big KPOP bands performing, this event went almost unnoticed by some of the leading KPop sites/blogs. So what gives?  According to AsianJunkie

Click Image to Enlarge

What a lame reason right? I am definitely not try to be a hater because I love AllKPop and must say I visit the site almost daily. Yet this is entirely irritating.  If you;re going to pride yourself on having the best media coverage then do just that. Otherwise please have a disclaimer letting me know that you clearly pick and choose which stars/acts you plan to cover so I can look elsewhere for my news.

Check out Asian Junkie for the main article...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Awhile back I purchased a few items from in hopes of entering the Sasa Haul Contest... Unfortunately I didn't have the time to film a video and enter the contest but I still wanted to share what I had purchased.

Choosing a BB cream is such a hard and personal choice since there are so many different ones choose from.  I knew I wanted to try a Skin79 BB Cream just wasn't sure which one to try.  I ended up choosing this BB Cream since not only was it one of the newer Skin 79 products to come out but also because it recommended for preventing wrinkles and improving fine lines.  I'm 24 now and thought this might be good time to start thinking "pro" anti-wrinkle.  As you can see a lot goes a long ways. It has a light [rose?] scent and overall is really nice. It doesn't make me look pasty and blends rather well. Did wish it had a bit more coverage though.


I haven't actually used this one yet but will once it gets closer to the holidays to add a bit of glamour to my normal makeup.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen this on different blogs so I wanted to try it out for myself.  It worked really well on my hair! I liked it for obvious reasons (no crease in my bangs when doing my makeup), but I did try it on my mom and it didn't work well for her.  She has super thick hair and it just puffed up her hair. lol.

Lastly K-Palette Tattoo Eyeliner in Black

I was super disappointed with this.  I had heard such stellar reviews about how long lasting this eyeliner is and for some people it might be, however for me it was lackluster at best.  My current eyeliner of choice is MAC Liquidlast, which is still the best, longest lasting eyeliner I have ever tried.  The K-Palette was okay and gave a great dark black color however by the end of the day it was wearing away. =[ Again this might just be me but it isn't something I will be ordering again.

This toner turned out to be such a pleasant surprise.  This toner had the nicest rose water scent and left my skin feeling super soft and fresh. LOVE IT!


Overall I was happy with my purchases and will be using them frequently.  Ordering from the site was super easy and getting a free sample was a nice extra.  It took about a week for my order to arrive and everything was in great condition and nothing was damaged or gross. So I will most certainly be ordering from Sasa again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twelve by 12

I saw this on Sari Mari's blog who saw it on Lacosta's blog, and now you're going to see it on my blog as well. Basically you just pick twelve things that you are going to accomplish before 2012, and simply mark them off when you do them. Easy right? 

  1. BLOG GIVEAWAY!! [been wanting to do this for awhile now just haven't physically sat down and done it]
  2. Christmas Cards :: I always say I will do them but never end up doing them...!
  3. Get my hair dyed & conditioned :: haven't been to the salon in AGES
  4. 12 more blog posts
  5. No soda
  6. Get my car windows tinted
  7. Organize makeup
  8. Decide if I want to move my family or not
  9. Organize my husband's Commissioning Party
  10. Make something new for dinner
  11. Connect with more people :: via twitter or blogs
  12. Watch a Christmas movie with my boys =]
There are mine! What twelve things do you want to have done by 2012?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet and Tasty

Since I've been watching so many KDramas I thought I would look up a few Korean Language videos on Youtube and I came across SweetandTasty

Check it out! Her series are not only super cute but also pretty helpful.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Finished Watching :: Protect the Boss

So I just finished watching the KDrama Protect the Boss.  It was a cute little drama but definitely not a game changer...

Basically this drama is about No Eun Sol, who slacked off during high school and can't find a job as an adult because she has no desirable skills, and Cha Ji Heon the wealthy son of a successful corporation who can't manage to get his life together.  As luck would have it No Eun Sol winds up becoming Cha Ji Heon's secretary and so the rom/com plot is established...

This drama only recently finished airing and is currently pretty popular on Viki which is the main reason I picked it.  While it does has a cute storyline, the overall plot in my opinion gets rather weak about 7 episodes in and so you soon forget why you're watching it.  Don't get me wrong each episode has some enjoyment and helps advance the storyline but at the end of each episode you're not left with the immediate urge to watch the next episode.

This drama does have several good things about it though!

1. Kim [Hero] JaeJoong :: one of the member of the group JYJ, Hero plays Cha Ji Heon's rival in the workplace and for No Eun Sol's heart.  Even if you weren't a fan of JYJ before, Hero definitely makes you want to check out their music.  He plays his character well, and is definitely likeable - not to mention easy on the eyes!  Knowing he's in every episode does help you keep watching.

2. Wang Ji Hye :: I love this girl. She is so pretty to me, and plays her characters sooo well.  If anyone has seen Personal Taste, I don't think there is anyway you can come out of that drama not seriously hating her. Luckily, the character she plays in Protect the Boss isn't as cut throat and you actually begin to not only like her, but also totally see her as a friend!

3. President Cha & Myung-Ran  :: These characters totally saved the drama for me.  President Cha is such a lovable dad figure whose love for his problematic son is funny yet sincere.  Myung-Ran is the perfect BFF who has No Eun Sol's back all the time.  Both these characters add humor and make the drama feel more real.

Overall I think if you like KDrama you should give this one a shot. I don't think you'll lose any sleep over it, but it was nice love story that doesn't get too messy.