Monday, July 12, 2010

Only in Japan :: Host Bars


  1. I think there are these sorts of clubs and bars in China too (mostly the larger cities), but they aren't advertised as freely as the ones in Japan haha. I've heard of host bars servicing male clientele, but never knew they had ones for the ladies too!

  2. When you post those photos of such beautiful metro men, I couldn't help giggling xD

    I heard there are ones in America because it was on NCIS or one of those shows. Probably not as popular because they don't look feminine enough =D . I like ur food post back there. Delicious American food ~ ^o^

  3. Rinny :: yeah when I was looking for pictures there was WAY more of host clubs than hostess clubs... I wish I kne someone who has been to one.. I have like 1293834 questions about them.. one day..=)

    Jaki :: Lol I kno! I felt bad for a few of them tho.. those Club Eden guys are in a league all by themselves, talk about tough competition! I cant imagine going in a host club tho, i think my cheeks would be a bright pink having someone pay me all that attention! I haven't seen any here in the states but I bet there are some..