Monday, August 23, 2010

Japanese Magazines

Sooooo awhile ago I was really wanting a Happie Nuts Magazine... and... one of my fellow bloggers, Tom & Sakie from Exotic Japan, was AMAZING enough to send me one =) yay!!!

sorry for glare...!
well anyways I love this magazine! Its like the perfect mixture of fashion, beauty, and everything girlie.. its like not too girlie like Ageha but still had that feeling of young and flirty. I really love this magazine.. my new favorite...!

Normally I get my magazines from this website, and I thought I would tell you all bout it!

 Royal Quartz is the website I normally use to purchase Japanese magazine in the States.  Since I live in a small town I don't really have access to any Japanese goods stores, so my only other option is online... and though there are plenty of sites that sell Japanese magazines, SHIPPING RATES ARE SOOOOO SCARY... lol. Seriously though, shipping rates kill ya... but Royal Quartz rates are really good considering..

They normally have a good selection of magazines and if they don't have what you are looking for they have a form you can fill out in hopes they might be able to find it for you...

anyways I thought I would share.. do any of you have a favorite site you like to order from? let me know.. maybe I'm missing out on a good thing!


  1. OH wow! I didn't know you could order Japanese mags online. Will def. check it out!

  2. i love japanese fashion and pretty much anything japanese hehe :) one of my favorite magazine is Vivi. its very hard to find here in the US and its a bit pricey :( have you tried going to japanese markets to find magazines? i usually find mine there!!