Thursday, August 5, 2010

Resume Project Grade!

So a few posts ago I was procrastinating working on a certain resume project for my business communications class.. basically we had a create our resume as if we are a fresh graduate, choose an entry level job to apply for, and interview someone we really respect and aspire to be like who is in the industry...

I really liked doing this project despite being soooo distracted doing it... the job I chose was JET.. which I would honestly like to apply for someday... as for the person I interviewed in the industry... I chose Koichi from Tofugu and Textfugu...  I really do respect everything he does since he has such integrity and passion for everything he does..

well I got my grade back...

is says 188/200.. an A!


  1. yays congrats! i would love that job too ><

  2. wow awesome grade!

    If I was recently married, I could have worked for a JET-like program called INTERAC, but they don't place couples together so I couldn't do it.

    But, there's still JET one of these days... ^.^

  3. Great job on the project! I bet you're glad that all the hard work you put into it paid off :)

    P.S. You've been tagged!

  4. aww great job n.n congratulations =3 n__n!