Thursday, August 12, 2010

Only in Japan : DUI Passenger Tickets??


“Riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a person intoxicated: DWI — Maximum jail time of 3 years or a fine of about $4,400 or less. DUI — Maximum jail time of two years or a fine not exceeding about $2,650.”


“You don’t have to be drinking to get into trouble

One of the new provisions of Japan’s revised traffic law spells out specific punishment for people who provide alcohol and vehicles to drunken drivers, and those who ride with a driver who they know has been drinking.”

source :: Stars and Strips


  1. OH wow... interesting. That's a pretty good law actully! Really lessens the chances of drunk driving!

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  4. thanks for your comment :D
    and yup they're really strict here with DUI. but it's funny because they're not so strict with checking IDs...I totally remember drinking here when I was still a teen -_-

  5. That is very interesting law :)
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  6. wow the japanese police must be getting bored from not solving the murders that never happen and also catching those pervs on the subway

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  8. oohhh that's cool!!! it makes sense too! :D

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