Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tagged: 8 Questions & Answers

Rinny recently tagged me for this and since its such a fun one I decided to do it =)

thanks Rinny!

  • How did you get into blogging?

    hMmm… during a business class I was taking a teacher noted how important it is to write as much as you can and often… sooo

    :poof: a bag full of sweet delights came into existance

  • What are some things you would never leave the house without?

    eyeliner & iphone


  • Pick one of your favorite items from your closet - why is it your favorite?

    my Burberry Manor Bag… I spent tooo much money  buying it!


  • Would you ever chop off all of your hair and sport a pixie cut?
  • twiggy_01

    nooooo! I recently cut my hair off to about my shoulders and that was TOO short!!

  • What are your favorite style of shoes?

    wedges or vans (the aft vans were my FAVORITE shoes… then my mother threw them away!! unspeakable right? lol)


  • It's a bit early, but what's on your wishlist for Christmas?
  • this one is a toughie.. i really havent a clue! =\

  • What is your favorite makeup line?

    probably MAC.. I’m a die hard fan of their liquid laster liner.. I gave birth to my son, and my eyeliner was still perfect!


  • What is one thing you would like to change about yourself and why?
  • wish i could speak/read japanese!



    1. Interesting info. Thanks for sharing. Love your iPhone cover

    2. Interesting read! Everyone says MAC's liquid liner is so good - I definitely have to get it the next time I'm at their counter!