Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still More Kawaii IPhone Apps

Its about that time again! Here are a few of my recent downloads that I wanted to share! You can see my other posts about Kawaii IPhone apps by clicking here and here...

First up


Okay so I didn't download this app but if this isn't kawaii I don't know what is.  They managed to take something totally gross and make it kinda cute. Lol. Anyways I thought I would still share it.


So cute right? Basically all you have to do is decorate cupcakes. You can post your creations to Facebook or Twitter and for each on you do you earn points which unlock more cute ingredients...


I actually use this app a lot. Whether posting on Facebook for someone's birthday or sending a text to my husband I like this app. It can make a simple text message that much girlie and cute.  The best part is most people wouldn't even think that you got these cute pictures from an IPhone app!
That's it for now... till next time!

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