Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Cheated!!!!!

So last week I started watching the kdrama Heartstrings and things seemed to be going well.... familiar faces, cute plot....


I read all the episode summaries on Dramabeans!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Seriously though. I don't know why I was in such a rush to find out what happens. Whether the plot was just moving too slow or I was just too busy to watch the episodes like I wanted to, I really don't know.

I got to about the end of episode 3 when I decided to read up on what happens next since it was too late at night to watch another episode. uh that was a BIG MISTAKE!

It was like giving a fat kid cake. I couldn't stop at just one! Needless to say I ruined the entire series and now know what happens (including info about Shinhye's accident) all the way to episode 15, the finale.

I'm so rorry Shinhye & Yonghwa...!!

Its not you, its me...

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  1. omg you are so funny! but i hate reading the whole movie on wikipedia...on accident too T___T 

  2. I read the episodes online (wikipedia) only if I left off somewhere