Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Started Watching :: Heartstrings

Last night I started watching the first episode of the kdrama Heartstrings. It wasn't till I started watching that I realized that Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa were both in it.

That was definitely a pleasant surprise. I liked them both in You're Beautiful but towards the end Jung Yong Hwa's character annoyed me to no end. Luckily his character in Heartstrings has much more confidence and isn't a huge tool.

Thoughts after watching the first episode?

I am excited to watch this series. Park's character, Lee Gyu Won, is a strong female who is attending school studying traditional Korean folk music (she plays the gayageum, a traditional korean instrument). Jung Yong Hwa plays Lee Shin, an arrogant musician who all the girls loves yet loves nothing in his life. They end up meeting through several different encounters, and eventually end up competing to see who can play music with more "heart." Thus the basis of the storyline is established. 

So far I'm loving everything. It always annoys me how in kdramas some of the female leads can be so unrealistically nice and lose themselves to their villainous counterparts, but Lee Gyu Won isn't one of those females.  She's holding her own, especially when Lee Shin keeps hurling insults and putting her down. That just makes me love her character all the more. It'll be interesting to see how the subplots work out though.

Right now I'm not really into any of the other characters in the drama but seeing as it is only the first episode I shouldn't write them off just yet.

Enough talk, got to go watch episode 2 now!

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  1. OMFG I love Heartstring<33 I haven't finished it yet tho! I am almost there but school got in the way. Now that I am back on break I should finish watching it. It is amazing, so cute :3 Ahhh Yonghwa is just an amazing actor and I love his character even though he can be a douche, some guys can just pull off the asshole thing lol

  2. lol. I just finished watching episode 3! The only thing is I didn't realize its more of a "melodrama" than a "romantic comedy" (my fav genre) so I hope there is enough juicy plots twists to keep me hooked! Though what korean series doesn't have serious drama? hahaha. So far I'm still loving it & Yong Hwa =]

  3. Well I watched this as well but I dropped. In fact it's totaly stupid and I don't like Shinhye much (I like the character in YB so no offense). Of course I started to watch it because of Yonghwa :D (my bias). I wonder if I will ever watch it to the end really....

  4. woo thanks for sharing, now I have a kdrama to watch for this holiday :D

  5. Last night I watched several episodes and I can see why some might be frustrated with this drama. It is taking forever for Gyu Won & Shin to actually have chemistry you can feel, not to mention I am totally not into the side plots with the parents. I'm still hanging in there tho. I think Shin Hye is really pretty and I can't help but like her. Plus its nice to see Yong Hwa playing such a different character than he did in You're Beautiful because I was so tired of seeing him dissed and dismissed REPEATEDLY! lol

  6. Hopefully it does :] Lol I know! There always has to be some serious drama which makes me extra nervous for what's going to happen in them lol. Yes! YongHwa<33 he is just unf.