Thursday, December 15, 2011

YouTube Awesomeness

These past couples of days YouTube has had some pretty cool videos and such going on so I wanted to share....

1) Jang Geun Suk has opened a YouTube channel.

This is cool considering he just shut down his twitter but also kinda weird since I thought he wanted more privacy. Whatever though. I'm still excited! His user name is PrinceJKS (not a big shocker) & currently has three videos posted. Hopefully we'll see more activity soon.

2) KPop is its own music genre on YouTube's music page!

I don't I need to say why this is cool, it just is.

Simply amazing right?


  1. :O he has his own page now. and that beyonce cover that taeyang did was PERFECT. he's perfect haha

  2. Yay fellow Nana and BOF fan<3 Nice to meet you :] I did not know that there with the kpop recommendation thing :o and I just subscribed to Geun Suk's channel :D I did not know he had one :o

  3. JKS and own YT channel? will be worse then his twitter :D <3 awesome :D