Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where I Watch Kdramas

When it comes to watching kdrama there are only two sites that I go to Viki.com or DramaFever.  I used to watch dramas only on Viki.com because it was simply the only place I knew I could find a big selection of kdramas subtitled in English [though they have kdramas subtitled in a TON of languages on Viki.com, not just English] but I have since discovered another site, Dramafever.

 Another bonus of Viki.com is that you can choose to have commentary subtitles on while you watch the drama. (you can turn this feature off if you want)

While initially this might seem like an overwhelming amount of text, its actually rather nice since it gives you the feeling that you're watching the drama with a friend who is saying the very things your thinking!

Whats more is that Viki has an app where you can watch some of your favorite kdramas on the go! [click here to see it in the App Store]

Lately though Viki has been freezing up quite a bit and the commercials that they run can be as long as 1 min 30 seconds [it might not seem long but when something juicy is happening it can seem like a lifetime!] This is why I have been migrating over to Dramafever.

Just like with Viki, the have an amazing selection and even an option to upgrade your membership (basic membership is free) to premium in order to watch your favorite kdramas commercial free! While the basic membership still requires you to watch commercials, its much less frustrating because they only last 30 seconds and you know when one is coming up.

While Dramafever doesn't yet have an app out yet it looks like they are in the process of getting one out but they do have a widget! I just posted it on my blog, feel free to check it out!

**Revision 12/9/11**

I totally forgot to the mention two other places you can watch Kdramas! Netflix & Hulu!! Netflix doesn't really have a huge selection but they do have some [BOF, City Hunter, Lie to Me etc.] Hulu, also streams Kdramas yet they get their videos from Dramafever so its kinda the same thing as watching on Dramafever. 

So hopefully there won't come a day when you find yourself at a loss for finding a site to watch good kdramas =] Happy watching!


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