Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop :: AWFULNESS

the bad news

I recently watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and I feel like I wasted 16 episodes of life that I can never get back. It was awful. With the amount of press this drama got I thought I would some idea about the lack of meat this drama had but I was totally blindsided.

Then again when everything anyone talks about is the attractiveness of the cast and nothing about the actually plot that should have been a clear warning to stay away.

What was so bad about it? There was nothing to get excited about. The plot was weak, the character's actions are sooo obvious, and there's no big shocker. waaah wahhh. LAME.

the good news

Despite how I feel about this drama, FBRS still has three things going for it.

1. Lee Chung Ah/Yang Eun Bi makes super cute faces.

2. Cute Boys

3. ................ there was only 16 episodes

Finals Thoughts

Whether or not you decide to watch this drama or not don't say I didn't warn you. You'll want to like this drama. You'll wait and wait for something better to happen in the next episode. You'll come to the final episode and be like huh??! This was it?

Save yourself some time. Don't watch this.


  1. I watched this a few weeks ago, and slightly feel the same way that you do.
    I was hoping that something good would just happen, but it was kind of dull. -___-
    But I watched the drama to kill time through holidays, but I think that I could have watched another drama and liked it better than FBRS. ( But the guys are cute! ) I also watched it because of the good reviews that it got.

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    ( )

  2. Thanks so much for all these recommends! I honestly am really picky with
    my dramas. and I tend to watch whatever is popular. :P I must admit that I do sometimes watch dramas just for the guys @_____@  

  3. while I was a bit harsh on this drama its only because it was soooo HYPED UP!! I sat there watching this show expecting something amazing and what I got was fluff for 16 episodes... ughhh what a waste!

    ...........but the boys are cute! lol

  4. I'm so critical of popular dramas are become even more pissed off when they suck... like why did no one mention this in the 2948739847 articles written about it?? i yi yi.. all those cute boys tricked me!

  5. Oh god, thanks for the warning, actually i was tempted to watch this drama because everyone was talking about the oh so handsome/cute cast but since i am more into stories than faces i better avoid this one. Oh btw if you love really good stories and significant characters PLUS a looooot of shockers and goosebumps, watch King of Baking Kim Tak Goo (Dunno if you watched it yet) But it is my most favourite drama so far! And i told ya already, i am a little drama queen :D :D

  6. I will soon make a review about Baker King so if you haven't watch it yet, wait for the review and then you can consider watching it if you want thehe

  7. I haven't seen that drama! I'll be on the lookout for your review then!... but yeah this drama was wayyyy over exposed. If your ever cleaning or doing something else you could put this drama on in the background, NOT KNOW KOREAN or be reading subtitles, and still not be missing anything. lol

  8. not everyone thinks like you some people might like the plot depends what kind off dramas you like....sooo... everyone should watch the trailer or maybe the first episode to see if you actually want to watch it

  9. Personally, I loved the drama. I think it was more of a comedy of what actual dramas are about. Whenever things start to get serious in this drama, something will come up and make it all laughable. This drama is clearly not your typical drama, it is more of a comedy. Of course everything is obvious, and they even explicitly say what we think. It was a fun watch, and of course, it is eye candy.