Monday, January 23, 2012

Makeup Storage :: Help

Currently this is how I store my makeup...

When I was in high school I really wanted one of the MAC makeup storage kits but they were super expensive. After talking it over with my father we both thought a toolbox would be a great and cheaper solution.

While this has worked great and I really have no complaints about using a Craftsman toolbox I can't help but to start rethink it. For a high school girl this was perfect, and as you can see it was decorated with *love*

...but now I'm in my twenties and almost feel like I've outgrown it... am I overthinking this? What do you use to store your make up? Or maybe I should stick with this system since I love it so much but just upgrade to a new all black toolbox?

I need your help. plz?


  1. This is so cool! I have never seen this.
    Personally if it works fine I would stick with it.
    I would just get a black colored one :] More neutral.
    I don't use anything to store my makeup though.
    I just have eyeliner, blush, and foundation.
    I am not sure how expensive the makeup boxes are but I would stick with this unless I find a cheap makeup box thing but if that's not the case then no need to switch. But that's my opinion :]

  2. This is really cool!! I wish i had a make up storage system at home because most of the time my make up lies somewhere in the living room, bed room, bathroom, you can find make up at my place like EVERYWHERE. Even in the kitchen i guess...haha your post inspired me to get myself my own storage box or something like that keke Thx!

  3. omg that's so smart! I need a makeup storage as well when I move back in my place in Hawaii. maybe i'd do this too :D

  4. I'm thinking thats what I'm going to do. I really like the system and maybe a black one would look a bit more refined (haha)....