Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fat Cat's New MV

Have you guys checked out Fat Cat's new single "Is Being Pretty Everything?" [thanks to @Dramafever for sharing!]

When I saw the teaser I thought the MV would be along the lines of Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" but it actually wasn't which was kinda a nice surprise. Along with being very visual appealing the song actually has message that I think most girls can relate to.

So who is Fat Cat? 

I asked myself the same thing after I checked out the video. I really hadn't heard about her until earlier this week when I saw the teasers.  She is still a relatively new artist having only debuted in September (2011) yet has a commanding stage presence that has people talking. 

These days there aren't many artists (KPOP) who debut without a group. While there are many idols who choose to go solo after working with group, I think the fact that Fat Cat is able to generate such interest in her solo act is something in itself.

BTW I tried to access her Official site today but couldn't because it crashed, but you can check out her twitter account :: FatCat0_0

**Pictures are all from Fat Cat's Twitter Account**

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