Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Got Married :: The Basics

I recently started watching We Got Married. Since the show is so big and is currently in its third season I will be writing several posts about the series labeled 
"We Got Married :: ______"

If you visit almost any Korean entertainment site or blog its almost certain you will find some mention of the MBC variety show We Got Married. Currently in its third season, We Got Married is not a show that you can easily ignore. WGM not only has a tremendous following, but has also become the show that many idols/celebrities want to be on!

I started watching We Got Married based on the fact that I simply couldn't escape it any longer. I was getting tired of reading articles the constantly mentioned the show. [Don't get me wrong not this is not an every day occurrence but definitely something that happens almost weekly.] Thus I set out to watch this very popular variety show.

So where should should you start watching? Start from the beginning? Watch only the episodes that your favorite celebrities are in?

Where did I start? Right at the beginning with episode 1. The show is a sweet mixture of laughs & sweet moments. I don't regret starting at the beginning (first episode aired in 2008), but I probably wouldn't recommend it. I think at this point in show if you are a fan of a certain idol/celebrity I would start at the episode where they are introduced. Otherwise you might find yourself not really into whats going on and constantly wondering how many episodes are left till they are on.

Worth the hype?

Yes and No. Korean celebrities' privacy is respected more in Korea. Because of that you won't find quite the amount of candid pictures as you would in the United States. While this is a great thing for the celebrities it can leave the fans always wanting more and this is why I think WGM is quite the hit. Its almost as if you've been invited to see what they are like on a day to day basis.

There also the fact that you are seeing them in a relationship and how the act towards that person. You'd think that fact that you're watching your favorite celebrity in relationship would be such a downer (especially since fans can become rather upset when celebrities are in a real relationship) but its actually really endearing! One of my favorite examples of this is Kim Hyun Joong. Don't get me wrong, he was still Mr. Cool the entire time he's on but you also get to see his human side [like when he didn't catch fish when they spent the whole afternoon fishing or he is asking the cameraman to kill a bug for him!].

No because there are so many episodes. I mean how many times do we need to watch them try to cook or "almost kiss." Plus some of the couples are just kinda boring.

Where can I watch?

MySoju & both have WGM subbed. MySoju is great because since each episode of WGM is in several parts, it has the link on the right hand side of the next video you're supposed to watch. Veoh, on the other hand is somewhat of a pain because after you finish watching one video you have to search again for the next part of the episode. I will admit that lately I have been watching more on because MySoju has been taking forever to load and I'm not sure why.

Final Thoughts.

I am no where near being done with this series as I am currently only on Episode 20 of Season 1. I am bummed that I waited so long to jump on the WGM bandwagon though. Out of the original couples I think the only person I knew was Andy (from Shinhwa) but because  I started watching at the beginning I now love CrownJ, Solbi, Saori, and Hwangbo. 

While Kim Hyun Joong is still super cute, I'm looking forward to seeing Kangin (Super Junior), Taeyeon (SNSD), Jung Yonghwa, UEE, and Leeteuk (Super Junior).

So if you're not wanting to watch the 38493483 episodes that have aired I would definitely recommend at least checking out the episodes with your favorite celebrities. You'll probably love them even more than you already do and maybe even fall in love with a new one!

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  1. I started We Got Married but never finished it. I wasn't planning on watching the whole thing because like you said some of the couples are boring, I was/am just planning on watching the ones with my favorite idols :] Luckily Kim Hyun Joong is episode 1 :D haha

  2. I can't believe how he totally lives up to expectations. He just so dreamy! lol. But honestly I really like Hwangbo too! She's super pretty and her voice is kinda raspy. No fair..

  3. Omg i SO love Crown J and Seo In Young couple hahaha they were the main reason why i kept watching even though i was bored by the other couples haha.
    I just remember back all the laughters because of this epic couple hahaha 'ANTTTT' hahah <3 So cute

  4. I like them too! He can be really sweet especially when putting up with her sometimes! I like how they call him "Angry Ant" or "Scared Ant" lol. Too funny!

  5. Lol, yeah I like his personality it is defenitely different :]

  6. I've seen so many ppl mention this series too, but I never watched any of the episodes either >< I would totally watch it just for KHJ though lol. I had no idea he was in the series!