Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Currently Watching :: OVERLOAD

Since I've been watching so much We Got Married it seems I have fallen behind on my dramas! There are so many out there that I currently want to watch I thought I would give you a heads up about what kdramas are on my "to be watched" list...

Already Aired KDramas to be Watched

Dream High

My manager swears by this drama and thats saying a lot. After watching BOF she seriously couldn't watch any other kdrama until she decided to watch Dream High. One of the reason it didn't initially catch my eye because there are no stand out familiar faces I loved. Reason I want to watch it now? Other than the fact that I will get eternal love from my manager, I also want to watch this drama because Dream High 2 will be premiering at the end of the month. Its not very often that kdramas get a second season (even though its a whole new cast) so Dream High must be worth the hype. We'll see.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Again, within the world of kdramas there are very few that get sequels or second seasons. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is actually a part of Oh! Boy Series that will entail several different shows. While the Oh! Boy Series deserves a post on its own (which I'm sure I'll get around to but you'll just have to head over to Dramabeans in the meantime) but basically all the dramas in this series will be aimed at younger audience with pretty "flower boy" leads. Honestly I didn't know all this until just the other day but it sounds like a good thing, well at least if you're a female viewer! lol. Anyways its on my to do list.

Currently Airing Drama to be Watched

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

This drama I want to watch for the sole purpose of Wang Ji Hye. If you don't remember she is the same actress who played in both Personal Taste & Protect the Boss. While she usually plays a cutthroat, evil character I'm hoping that she will actually be his leading lady. I really have no clue but saw that she was in this drama and instantly wanted to watch.

As soon as I wrap up this post I'll probably start watching one of these dramas. Let me know if you have seen or are watching any of these dramas because its always fun to share the journey! lol. I hope you all have a great night/morning!


  1. I was the same way with Dream High but it also on my to watch list :]

  2. since mighty (my bf) is gone, i can actually check these out! thanks!!!

  3. Hopefully it'll be worth it.. I always feel like I hold off on the ones that have the biggest hype then kick myself later for taking so long to watch it!

  4. I knoo! I read your post and felt so sad when you said he went back to Hawaii... Hopefully you can find a nice drama to watch to get you back in your groove!

  5. Lol same here!! But I don't like watching things when it's hyped up I feel like it takes away from it?