Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So far this month has been such a downer. I'm trying really hard to keep having a positive attitude and to press on but sometimes its just tough! In reality I have a lot of things to be thankful for and sometimes I don't take the time to thank God for how fortunate I really am.

 anyways...... that's why there have been a lack of posts these past couple of days.
I didn't mean for this post to be a downer, just letting you all know whats going on with me. 

Moving forward!

I just recorded another episode of Suchi and will be editing that tonight and hopefully have that up & posted on by Friday.  Hopefully I can get back into a positive groove and make this month count!



  1. Whatever is going on, feel better :)

  2. :[ Hope things get better!

    It's okay to feel down once in awhile, as long as you pick yourself up :]Excited for the new podcast!

  3. who is this little cutie? :O
    and i know I haven't been having a good month either. hard to keep strong and positive during this times but we must! :)

  4. they're my boys! Jude & Eli

    yeah I dunno what it is this month but there definitely is a rainy cloud over my head...

    we can do this!

  5. Thanks Yuri! guess everyone has their moments...

  6. you have kids?!! how sweet :3

    yeah :(( i've definitely been getting rained on a lot lately. hope things get better for th eboth of us :(