Sunday, February 19, 2012

Currently Watching :: A Lot

I think I am going to start doing this "Currently Watching" post once a week... what I'm watching always changes and I like sharing it with you guys so I can get your opinions/feedback.

Still Watching

Bachelor's Vegetable Store :: The season finale of this series will air on Friday night. I wish I could say I'm sad to see this drama end but frankly I'm not. Barely anything has happened in the past 16 episodes and I felt like the last two episodes I watched were overflowing with "progress." Its super unfortunate because I really wanted to love this drama but it just sucks. 

Too many tears. Too little character development. No real connection anymore - just annoyance.

Last Episode Watched - 18

Shut Up Flower Boy Band :: Still loving this drama but I'm beginning to wonder where they are going to go with the storyline. Six episodes in and a lot has already happened but what now? 

But hey there are like 6 hot guys in this drama and awesome music. Not gonna complain.

Last Episode Watched -  6

Just Started Watching

Iris :: I feel dumb for taking this long to watch this drama. Despite being a budget breaking blockbuster this drama could have been all talk, but instead it had my heart racing from the first moment. I definitely get a City Hunter action vibe from this series and am really intrigued to see if there will be a romance factor just as fiery. 

Not to mention the all star cast! 

Last Episode Watched -  3.

Princess Jellyfish :: After watching a bit of Fruits Basket the other day I was missing anime - badly. Being out of the anime game for a bit I really wasn't sure what to watch. Luckily @WelcomeGhosts was able to give me a few suggestions and Princess Jellyfish was one of them.

This is a nice change of pace from all the dramas I've been watching. Super lighthearted and great animation this series is making miss anime!!! Maybe its time to re-watch Peach Girl too! lol.

Last Episode Watched - 4



  1. You should consider watching The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Dammit, it is HIGHLY addictive. Wooot woot gonna watch Iris just for TOP! Hahaha.

  2. OMgeeez. I have heard so much about that drama!! Like seriously! I've never watched a sageuk drama before but I guess its time to take the dive. As soon as Bachelor's Vegetable Shop is over (this week) I'll have to take a closer look at this drama..

    and yea TOP definitely made the decision to watch Iris a no brainer! lol

  3. I am so happy that you like Jellyfish Princess! I hope you keep enjoying it and let me know what you think when you finish  :)

  4. Will do! About to watch another episode!

  5. I'm also watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band!
    I am also thinking about what will happen, but I love it thus far! ^^
    Especially Hyun Soo and Ji Hyuk! ^3^

  6. I'm right there with you! Tho Hyun Soo kinda scares me.. I'm always afraid he's gonna get really angry and do something crazy!