Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GIrls Generation in the US

Did any of you watch Girls Generation [SNSD] on David Letterman or Live with Kelly?? I watched both and couldn't help but be excited for them.  While I am by no means their biggest fan I couldn't help but wanting America to fall in love with them.

While I really liked their performance on Letterman, I couldn't help but feel kinda sorry for them since they were guests on the show the same night as Bill Murray & Regis Philbin. uh seriously? Like how awesome would it have been if the other guests on the show were under the age of 60!!! I really feel like they got that shaft and maybe could have made some better contacts if the guests were ANYONE ELSE but at least they rocked the performance.

Source :: @LiveKelly Twitter Account

As for Live with Kelly, personally, I didn't like the performance as much as Letterman. Even their outfits weren't as hot but whatever. I still love them. It was cute when Kelly got to ask them about how long they had been performing in such but it left me wanting MORE.

Honestly I thought they should have forgone the whole performance and had a full on interview with Kelly. While I think Jessica & Tiffany are the only ones who know English well enough to have an interview it still would have been fun and I'm sure would gave had a lot of giggling.

Here's to hoping that the next time they are on American television someone will let them actually talk because we are all anxious to hear what these girls have to say.


  1. I just watched the performances too! And I'm with you, not their biggest fan, but so happy for them and wanting America to love them!!! I was so proud to see KPOP slowly break into the American market. I hope it will be a success! I thought the mini interview with Kelly was quite cute, and yes would be lovely to see a full interview with them girls! 

  2. Couldn't agree more! Are you going to be watching the WonderGirls movie tonight as well? I think I might record it... I'm just happy that KPop is slowly but surely having more of a presence in the US.

  3. i've seen this all over my FB but i hadn't had time to watch. still can't since i'm at work :( gahd how are they always so thin... D: