Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Netizens :: Why They Suck Part 1

I'm writing this post due to the recent controversy Block B has been involved in. The more and more I read about the situation, the more my heart goes out to both the Block B boys & the people of Thailand. Here are my thoughts (rather angry thoughts) on these netizens who never seem to get it right...

In this day and age there is no going back. Once you say something or do something - chances are someone, somewhere either saw or heard and within moments, whether good or bad its on the web for all the world to see, hear, and comment on. Whats been really pissing me off lately is how netizens form their insane opinions.

In the United States...

....it literally takes an all out mental breakdown or beating to arouse a negative opinion from netizens. When celebrities have ::

  • Sex Tapes - this should be a bad thing and for the typical person it is, but if you're an American celebrity [and the number of celebrities w/one is impressive] you can bet your career just got the ultimate power boost. Most netizens might be shocked at first - only to moments later become completely absorbed with the celebrity, making that celebrity that much more desirable....netizens love this

  • Drug Abuse/Go to Rehab - this is another situation that if it happened to an everyday person you can bet it would have some serious ramifications however when netizens find out their favorite celebrity is doing drugs or has gone to rehab - there is almost no opinion change. No biggie. Its whatever.

Cirque Lodge Treatment Center (via US Mag)
  • Disrespected Someone -  I really didn't know how to list this one but this is the one category that can sometimes anger netizens in the US [tho its very very rare]. Incidents that come to mind are: Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction @ the Superbowl", Chris Brown beating his then girlfriend Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage [I think netizens/Americans felt played]. Despite the emotional responses each of these events got when they happened, they still didn't result in the overall destruction of these celebrities' careers. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!


American netizens seriously anger me to the core. In their eyes a celebrity can really do no wrong. One of the most blatant examples of this is the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. This man literally beat his girlfriend up. This isn't something that you can argue. There aren't any semantics to debate. This is straight fact. A man, a pretty famous one, beat up a woman, another famous person, till she was barely recognizable.

Sure when everything went down people were angry. He might have gone to court. Been booed a few times in public. Had a tough time... 

....for awhile. Fast forward to present day and you'll witness American society welcoming him back and bestowing upon him one of the highest musical honors - A GRAMMY.

If there was ever one instance that brought shame upon the United States it should have been that moment - the moment our society rewarded a person, who has behaved so deplorably in the past, with the nation's top musical honor every musician strives for.


Meanwhile in Korea.....




  1. Yeah I get what you mean, people give celebrities way too many breaks. But about the Chris and Rihanna thing I personally think they are both stupid. No offense to Rihanna but her dumb ass is even thinking about getting back when Chris Brown and I personally think she too hard to be just the victim when she is also to blame. Obviously not as much as Chris Brown, he is also a dumb ass for beating a girl and acting like he is the shit. Lol I can rant about this forever, but I think it is ridiculous that they treat celebrities like gods.

  2. Agreed! I definitely think she deserves criticism for returning him after everything...but one of the things that make me so angry is how people are totally ok with him now. Like seriously shouldn't his career be over? This is one reason why I can somewhat respect the netizens of KPop because at least they hold their Idols to a standard... that is until they become psychotic! lol

    geez where's the balance?!? i yi  yi

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