Friday, February 10, 2012

Currently Watching :: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Geez these drama names are getting longer & longer!

I was definitely not going to watch this drama. After suffering painfully through the last flower disaster [Flower Boy Ramyun Shop] I was so skeptical that this too would be just a big fluffy pile of fluff.

Here's how it happened.

I follow Gummimochi on Twitter and couldn't help but notice that she kept raving on how good this show was. After going back and forth & asking her if it was worth it I decided to take my chances and watch the first episode and wow.... I almost missed out on a really good drama. 

the basic info
Six guys. Best friends. School Transfer. New Enemies. Love. Angst.

and MUSIC!

thoughts so far

 i like!!! I truly was super skeptical watching the first episode but I am really starting to love this drama. There are so many different characters that it is kinda hard to keep up with at first (though they are all sooo cute I really shouldn't complain) but each of them has their own little back story & characteristics so it makes almost everyone enjoyable to watch.

I will it admit that there is a lot of "omgeeez my life is so hard, no one gets me" moments, but it hasn't become annoying [yet]. I even kinda like the antagonist Seung-Hoon for not being the stereotypical mean guy & even has some depth to his character.

Jung Eui-Chul as Seung-Hoon

With only 4 episodes aired so far I really think you should jump on this drama while its hot. Even though it is currently airing in Korea on Mondays and Tuesdays, Dramafever does a great job getting the episodes subbed & up on their site, usually same day for US users, so you can be up to date with the latest episode.

Let me know if you guys are watching too!



  1. Pff I was sold with the picture of the drama xD
    Anything with music like bands and stuff I tend to watch.
    This definitely seems that it will play to my interests :3

  2. LOL. I was worried when I first heard about it that it would be really weak but its actually really fulfilling.. I think the OST just got released too!

    My favorite so far is the drummer - Jang Do-Il, tho he's a bit short