Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update ::: Personal

The past month and a half have been such downers! .. but I'm glad I'm finally getting my head into a more positive place and am excited to see all the changes that will be happening in my life in the next couple of months..


I finally completed and turned in all the paper work for me to go back to school! I'm really excited and have never wanted something so bad.  The time you spend in college/university & the things you experience is different for everyone, and while I'll admit that I've had some great memories & experiences (as well as taken A LOT of time off to get married & have babies!) - I've wasted enough time. Its time to buckle down and get my degree...

btw I changed my major from Economics to Mass Communications. I'm excited to take classes in my new major but also seriously bummed I suffered through college level Calculus for nothing >_<


The podcast I host over at JapanCinema is doing great!! We've already recorded three episodes and are getting great feedback. This past episode we had our first guest, Rekstizzy (he's a rapper from NY and runs the site and he completely shook things up! He's loud and super opinionated but you can't help but love him & giggle at all these crazy things that come out of his mouth...seriously recording that last episode was crazzzy.


I love my blog so much! I can't help but feel it needs a bit of revamping/makeover though so be on the lookout for random changes or a complete over haul. Since I haven't been blogging much this past month or so I have a lot to share! Here are a few posts I have in mind
  • Just Finished Watching :: Shut Up Flower Boy Band
  • Currently Watching :: EVERYTHING! lol [Fashion King, Rooftop Prince, & hopefully Love Rain]
  • My Glam Bag vs Birch Box
  • Kawaii Apps
  • ..and more fashion posts here's to making the rest of the month count!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Waiting :: BIGBANG World Tour

Sorry for the lack of posts still...I'm kinda still in a funk but trying to work myself out of it..

I swear the more and more I listen to Alive the more frustrated and antsy I get about the LACK OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE WORLD TOUR. Like geez... you've teased all of us long enough! Announce the cities and dates already [as if they need the publicity]!! 
 (btw my favorite songs on Alive are "Blue" & "Ain't No Fun")

Well while I was scouring the web trying to appease my need for BIGBANG I decided to check out the entries for their cover contest & omgeeeez. Some of these contestants got skillz! 

Here are my top three (these people are sooo good, I just had to share!)


This girl is just sooo cute! How can you watch this video and not love her version?! The best part? THE UKULELE!! If it was just up to the boys I think her winning would be a sure thing.

Another English version...yet what makes it so good is that its believable. I can't tell you how many "translated" videos I've watched that just come off straight corny and/or hilarious. Terry He's version is legit in the fact that I still feel that emotional connection to the song just like when I listen to BIGBANG's version.

OfficialDmeanor님의 채널

remixeeeeeee.. I love this version because it slows it down and really emphasizes the emotions behind the lyrics. Slow'n steady. Its definitely a jam. My one grip would be that I wished he would changed it up a bit more. Take Lil Wayne for example, he always grabs tracks from other artists and basically OWNS THEM. I would have liked to see D.Meanor do just that. Just tear this track up!! He comes close to doing but falls short. Definitely like his vibe though.

Like I said befre, there is a bunch of extremely talented people in this contest so it'll be interesting to see who wins the grand prize. So until we get some more information about the world tour I would suggest you check this competition out, you might find a few YouTubers worth subscribing to. 


btw I just wanted to leave you with one example of Lil Wayne tearing up a track...this is a song by the artist Miguel called "Sure Thing"... its a nice song. Actually it was one I really loved....take a listen. 

then Lil Wayne had to go and be a show off...totally OWNING the original version...

thats the jam right??? Thats what I was hoping D.Meanor would have done with the "Blue" track. Just devour it. He's got potential, he's just got to take it to another level...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Netizens :: Why They Suck Part II

In this post I want to share my love/hate relationship with the netizens of Korea (speaking figuratively of course, since technically netizens could live anywhere in the world.) You can read about my frustration with US netizens [here].

In Korea...

...netizens generally have standards. Shocking, right?

It might have to do with cultural differences or maybe just industry differences but their is no denying that the netizens of Korea hold their idols & celebrities to some insane standards. Some of these standards are good in my opinion while others are bizarre, borderline crazy.

Looking at Korea right off the bat there isn't "standard" controversies like there is in America. If someone has a sex tape, drug problem, or disrespects it generally signals the end of their career. 

Point blank.

The droves of people who signed up at your fan meet or sent you fan letters are gone. Once you shame yourself it can be extremely hard to win over your fans again and even others in the industry. 

First off. This is kind of a good thing. It can help remind idols/celebrities not to take what they have for granted and keeps them focused.  Those who do create scandal, while I understand that everyone is human and makes mistakes, I will admit that its nice to hear them apologize and actually face some consequences instead of just getting a slap on the wrist [if that] like they do here in America.

Out of all these celebrities - only G-Dragon faced serious backlash for smoking marijuana (via DailyBeast, NYTimes, & AllKPop)

On the other hand, netizens can use their so called power - for evil. Case and point  Block B & the Thailand debacle

I don't know why but the way they are being treated by netizens bothers me soooo much and I'm not even a Block B fan. I mean up until this point I had no clue who they were...yet despite me being unfamiliar with them what they're going through really resonated with me. 

Yes, they screwed up. Yes, they shouldn't have made such careless comments. Yes, they were wrong. 

But can anyone seriously watch that apology video and not feel the massive amount of guilt and sadness these boys are bearing? The 90 degree bow? The heart felt words of apology? I mean Zico (their leader) even shaved his head.

Yet the shade they are suffering from netizens is so distorted from what it out to be. These guys have shown such humility and grace in a situation that should have never been amplified to this level. I think its so sad that despite Block B's actions to rectify the situation they have only been received with anger & hatred. I really can't even get into the suicide petitions because its just so awful it doesn't merit any extra attention. But I really don't understand what more can these guys do to actually receive netizens forgiveness? At this point I wish they could just brush this off but its beyond that now.

So if I had one thing I could say to these guys it would be a Bible verse brought to my attention by Jeremy Lin, (haha - hey! who doesn't read up about that guy?!)

 "Not only so, but we rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us." - Roman 5:3-5