Monday, August 23, 2010

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Japanese Magazines

Sooooo awhile ago I was really wanting a Happie Nuts Magazine... and... one of my fellow bloggers, Tom & Sakie from Exotic Japan, was AMAZING enough to send me one =) yay!!!

sorry for glare...!
well anyways I love this magazine! Its like the perfect mixture of fashion, beauty, and everything girlie.. its like not too girlie like Ageha but still had that feeling of young and flirty. I really love this magazine.. my new favorite...!

Normally I get my magazines from this website, and I thought I would tell you all bout it!

 Royal Quartz is the website I normally use to purchase Japanese magazine in the States.  Since I live in a small town I don't really have access to any Japanese goods stores, so my only other option is online... and though there are plenty of sites that sell Japanese magazines, SHIPPING RATES ARE SOOOOO SCARY... lol. Seriously though, shipping rates kill ya... but Royal Quartz rates are really good considering..

They normally have a good selection of magazines and if they don't have what you are looking for they have a form you can fill out in hopes they might be able to find it for you...

anyways I thought I would share.. do any of you have a favorite site you like to order from? let me know.. maybe I'm missing out on a good thing!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Only in Japan : DUI Passenger Tickets??


“Riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a person intoxicated: DWI — Maximum jail time of 3 years or a fine of about $4,400 or less. DUI — Maximum jail time of two years or a fine not exceeding about $2,650.”


“You don’t have to be drinking to get into trouble

One of the new provisions of Japan’s revised traffic law spells out specific punishment for people who provide alcohol and vehicles to drunken drivers, and those who ride with a driver who they know has been drinking.”

source :: Stars and Strips

Monday, August 9, 2010

Finding Tokyo Giveaway!

sooo one of my favorite bloggers, HANA from Finding Tokyo, is having a Tsubasa themed giveaway ((ahhh-some right?!)) you must check out it out!

::Hana lives in Tokyo and blogs about fashion, life, and other random adventures!::

Hikaru Utada


In my quest to like Japanese music and learn the language it has been suggested that I listen to some Japanese music…

enter Hikaru Utada


okay so I may have defeated the purpose by listening to her English music but I honestly really started to like her


THEN…according to her blog… she will go on a “indefinite hiatus” starting next year…




great. exodus is right. grrRRr


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tagged: 8 Questions & Answers

Rinny recently tagged me for this and since its such a fun one I decided to do it =)

thanks Rinny!

  • How did you get into blogging?

    hMmm… during a business class I was taking a teacher noted how important it is to write as much as you can and often… sooo

    :poof: a bag full of sweet delights came into existance

  • What are some things you would never leave the house without?

    eyeliner & iphone


  • Pick one of your favorite items from your closet - why is it your favorite?

    my Burberry Manor Bag… I spent tooo much money  buying it!


  • Would you ever chop off all of your hair and sport a pixie cut?
  • twiggy_01

    nooooo! I recently cut my hair off to about my shoulders and that was TOO short!!

  • What are your favorite style of shoes?

    wedges or vans (the aft vans were my FAVORITE shoes… then my mother threw them away!! unspeakable right? lol)


  • It's a bit early, but what's on your wishlist for Christmas?
  • this one is a toughie.. i really havent a clue! =\

  • What is your favorite makeup line?

    probably MAC.. I’m a die hard fan of their liquid laster liner.. I gave birth to my son, and my eyeliner was still perfect!


  • What is one thing you would like to change about yourself and why?
  • wish i could speak/read japanese!


    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Resume Project Grade!

    So a few posts ago I was procrastinating working on a certain resume project for my business communications class.. basically we had a create our resume as if we are a fresh graduate, choose an entry level job to apply for, and interview someone we really respect and aspire to be like who is in the industry...

    I really liked doing this project despite being soooo distracted doing it... the job I chose was JET.. which I would honestly like to apply for someday... as for the person I interviewed in the industry... I chose Koichi from Tofugu and Textfugu...  I really do respect everything he does since he has such integrity and passion for everything he does..

    well I got my grade back...

    is says 188/200.. an A!

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    I'm Back!

    Okay so after a pretty hectic week, which is still going on by the way, I have returned to my nice little blogg...

    I had finals for summer classes, work stress, with mounds of emotional fluff all over the place... and all of it was just too much for me to handle...

     I'm regaining my footing though, and getting back to what I love..  =)

    Also... I got my order from Amazon! So I will be posting soon to share all the goods I got