Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Battle Royale


so this is a totally gnarly horror film from Japan that i have been wanting to watch for some time now.  its not distributed in the US which makes it a bit tricky to get a hold of but thanks to a friend in the UK I will be able to watch soon!

here’s the trailer for it

**Random Fact: This film is listed by Quentin Tarantino as one of his favorites!


  1. Oh. I had watched this movie...

    It is a really gruesome movie ne..

    I kind of "stunned" a bit on how the way the students kill their friends with no mercy, to save their own life..

    But then, I am always a thriller/horror movie fans, so by the end of it, I kind of OK with it..

  2. I knoooo!! But I just loved how Shuya looked after Noriko... it was sooo almost a love story!

    Definately a favorite of mine now.