Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup: Japan

Since the United States lost yesterday I am now left cheering for my alternates: England, Portugal and Japan.

England has always been a favorite of mine for a long time with players such as Beckham, Owens, David James, Gerard, Ferdinand, and Rooney though most are gone from the international level I will always have love for them.


My other team Portugal just has one player that I think almost every girl can agree to secretly love: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Enough said right?

Anyways since Japan is still going strong I thought I would highlight their star players, since I do not know much about their team, and I feel like a guber cheering for a team I know nothing about.
In fact the only Asian soccer player I really know anything about is Sun Wen and she's Chinese. I know this is a drifting away from my topic but I just have to share this video that they were playing during the time of the Women's World Cup.

She's pretty insane.

SOOOOO back to the original reason for this post... Japan's Key Players (well according me)

::::Keisuke Honda #18::::
He has been thier top goal scorer, in fact when Japan played Denmark, Keisuke was named Man of the Match. He's a midfielder and while relatively young, seems to be a big part of the Japan's strikeforce. So he's definately one to keep your eye on..(he's a lefty too!)

::::Shunsuke NAKAMURA #10::::
Nakamura is supposed to be the backbone of Japan's team having played in a previous World Cup however has only made one appearance in this one. I'm not sure why however he is not one to forget about.

::::Yuji NAKAZAWA #22::::

The captian of the team, Nakazawa is a strong defender who has played at the national level for some time now. He's played in all the World Cup Matches for Japan and is the core of Japan's defense.

So when watching the games be sure and watch out for these 3 players as they are sure to be essential players for Japan to win! GO JAPAN!!!


  1. Very interesting post! This is actually the first year I have seriously watched the World Cup so the info was much needed.

    Too bad England lost against Germany this morning though. :/

    Go Japan!

  2. I knooooooo! I was so upset, I was puttin this post together in between updates from the game... ::sadness in my heart:::

    so yay japan now! lol