Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treat Time!

So this month I was blessed and had a little bit of extra money to play around with… sooooo like any other girl there was two items i have been eyeing for some time and nowwwww

i can purchase them!

the first one is this like amazing mascara, and makes you have super long lashes! since i am no good with false lashes i am curious to see how well this mascara will work and my currently fav (Dior) is just WAY too expensive…in a few days i will be able to let you know myself!


Majolica Majorca!  (soon to be mine!)

the second item is this eyeliner i have been reading about on a few blogs… i currently use this insane liquid liner by MAC because heaven forbid anyone see me without my liner.. lol

this liner is supposed to be super long lasting – so we shall see!


  1. Majolica Majorca?

    This brand is from Japan, deshou ne~~

  2. Yes it is!.. I'm excited to try it

  3. Hope you happy with your purchase ne..
    Can't wait for your review about it~~

    (/ ^ w ^)/