Saturday, July 3, 2010



its official.  i’m in. for life… i made a promise to myself that if i studied japanese everyday for a month i would go ahead and take the plunge and buy textfugu.  well i have studied and so its time to take my japanese learning to the next step.

 textfugu has seemed like the most realistic tool that i could use to learn japanese.  i have looked at a few others but i get bored super quick… so without further ado …

my journey has just made it passed my first, and im sure it will not be my last, road block


  1. Keep up the study effort!

    Usually, starting something like this by yourself is the hardest part, but once you start to see all your hard work paying off, you'll be motivated even more to study. :)

  2. Ganbatte ne~~!!

    Nihongo o benkyou..

    ( ^ w ^ )//

  3. thanks! luckily the blogging community is so wonderful it doesn't feel like im doin it alone!