Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gyaru Manifesto Meme

So today when I browsing around the blog-o-sphere I passed through Sara Mari's page Moments like Diamonds and she had this excellent post about her Gyaru likes/dislikes/misc. While I am definitely not gyaru by any stretch of the imagination I do love it! So consider this version of the Gyaru Manifesto Meme a very basic newbie friendly version.
Please copy and fill out the meme if you enjoy it!!

Gyaru Manifesto Meme (in which you write out your gyaru goals and inspirations!)
Name: Marie Lo
Location: the South ::Georgia::
Occupation: Student
Height: 61 inches
or 154 cm (i like the cm version better.. i sound tall)
Hair/Eyes: Black/Dark Brown (almost black, for realz)

First discovery of gyaru:
September 2009 (newbie status!)

Your Gyaru Style: (however many you like)
1. Mode ("high fashion")
2. Onee (more for girls who are in college, and starting to work in the business world, a bit more conservative but still very trendy!
3. Gyaru Mama (classic gyaru but keeps her children stylish too!)
Your Top 3 Gyaru Model Inspirations:
1. Tsubasa Masuwaka (basically a religion if you like gyaru)
2. Romihi (soooo prettyyy.. I mean they all are but I think she is super pretty)

3. Maya Mori

Your Top 4 Gyaru Non-model Inspirations:
1. Sari Mari!
2. Miss Mitsu
3. Monica Tang
4. Jillian Siu

Your 3 Favorite Gyaru Magazines:
1. Ageha (so visual! all the pictures, and tutorials are so fun! will always get this magazine and probably never do any of the looks.. lol)
2. Jelly (realistically if i lived in Japan and was a college student I think this would be my main magazine, its practical for my age though generally not as fun as Ageha)
3. Egg (gyaru necessity) 

The Top 6 Gyaru Brands you like best:
1. Liz Lisa (the standard)
2.Cecil McBee
3. Gilfy
4. Lip Service
5. Moussy
6. W*C
3 of Your Favorite Coordinates: (not your own)

Your 7 Favorite Fashion Items That You Own:
1. Burberry Tote (amazing as it sounds)
2. Brown Charlotte Russe Wedges
3. my Butterfly double ring
4. Bebe Black 4" Heels
5. Liberty of London Floral Sundress
6. Betsey Johnson zebra heart earrings
7. Black Member's Only Jacket
Top 7 Gyaru Fashion Goals: [[it was 10 but I could only think of 7]]
1. Become Gyaru (duh XD) [[this was sari mari's... i think i will keep this as #1]]
2. Learn more about the different sub genres of gyaru
3. Develop a more individualistic style (okay, not THAT individualistic)
4. Make wearing heels an "at all times" thing
5. Be more comfortable with false lashes
6. WEAR false lashes (i should have switched 5/6 lol)
7. Curl my hair more often.
There was a "list of achievements" but since I'm not gyaru I haven't really achieved anything! lol Anyways this my version of the meme... but definitely you should add your version!


  1. Oh yes I saw this in that blog you say hehe ^^
    And i think is interesting maybe I post this in blog blog but now I dont want haha is long XD

    Nice blog n.n

  2. awweee. Yeah that post took me awhile... maybe you could do a mini version? lol

    totally understand tho =)

  3. The gyaru style looks so cute! I don't think I could pull it off though haha. Normally I don't like the look of blonde hair on Asians, but this may be an exception :)

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