Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kenichi Tanaka


so i saw this video today, and it totally might be old news to you… however i had to share it.  after watching it a few times (which i did because i was strangely drawn to it) i still couldnt decided whether or not the video had made me upset or more intrigued…

let me know what you think tho. maybe im just crazy.

::btw here is Kenichi Tanaka website, i love his stuff::                                      the very cool Kenichi Tanaka


  1. I love the animation style. It is minimal yet very interesting, but I know what you mean. The contents of the video are disturbing. I'm sure the facts are true, but what was disturbing was their choice of what to present. So many negative facts related to Japan. Did the person making this want to show all of Japan's negative points? It is too bad since I really did love the animation style and will check out Kenichi's link you have there. Thanks for posting. :-)

  2. yeah.. this video was so unreal.. like i didnt know whether to be offended or impressed.. it definitely ends on such a dark note.. Tanaka has a few other videos, but none are as intriguing as this one.